This month we say good bye to our terrific neighbors, Annie and Bill.  We’ve only been neighbors for a few years and have become good friends in that short period of time.  As I reflect on their time here I realize how my children have grown up with them.  Lola wasn’t even a year old when they moved in and now when I look at her and how she’s grown I realize how Annie, Bill and Ava have become a part of our family too.


I’ve watched them create a beautiful home, start a family and be warm and thoughtful neighbors.  My kids adore them and my youngest has a crush on Bill.  I love to hear Lola scream Bill, Bill, Bill….when she spots Bill outside.  I also love the way she sings Happy Birthday to Bill in the house when she thinks no one is listening to her.  Jordi can go on for, what seems like, hours explaining to Annie and Bill about some new toy he has and they patiently smile and acknowledge him.



Our neighbors are moving on to Colorado.  It is a very sad time and yet we wish them success and happiness and look forward to when we can visit them.


Good bye Annie, Bill, Ava and Lars.  We will miss you!

4 Responses to “good bye’s are hard..”

  1. Otto von Münchow

    This was posted some time ago, Melissa, but I just wanted to say that you captured some really nice photos of your nice neighbours. An excellent way to remember them by no that they have moved.

  2. Hannah Novak

    Oh my goodness, Melissa. I just found your blog today through my midwife, and your photography is beautiful. I just feel really lead to encourage you in that. Your photos are beautiful. The way you see is beautiful, I can tell, and you have a very good eye for aesthetics in imagery of families. Not everyone has that. Photographing families can be one of the hardest types of photography for some people, but you capture it so beautifully and naturally – just like it is. I’m an artist based here in Seattle, and just about to have my first baby girl, but I would love to meet up with you sometime.


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