as a new year approaches we spend time reflecting on the year past and with hope the next year will be better than the last.  for me, 2012 was a year of change.  change that brought excitement in my life, change that brought sorrow.  I don’t look back on 2012 with regrets, instead I remember the joy,cry through the pain and look forward to the many new changes 2013 will bring.


satya is the word of the month at my yoga studio, the samarya center.  translated the word means “truthfulness” or “to be”.  as we discuss this word at the beginning of each class i understand it to mean finding truth in the moment.


often i find that we live in our minds and when we do that we are not living truthfully.  our minds fill us with judgements and storytellling that come from our own life condition.  if we are feeling happy our mind is filled with happy stories and if we are feeling upset or sad our mind is coming from that feeling.  either way those thoughts may not be coming from truth.  truth is found in the moment, the “what is” or that feeling of “to be”.  what is going on around me right at that very moment.  i believe that is satya.


so right now i am working on satya. as the new year has come to end so has some things in my life.  instead of letting my mind create fictional stories about these endings, i am working on truthfulness and being in the moment.  having appreciation and gratitude for 2012 is how I am moving on into 2013.


leaving you with words that inspired me recently.  Happy New Year!

May you not spend too much time wondering why things had to end.  If you must wonder at all, please wonder about what awesome delight will come to fill this now empty space.  ~Karen Salmansohn


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