DSC_6693life has me on a roller coaster ride and it’s a bit crazy.  actually, i have created this roller coaster ride by making significant changes in my life in order to help me find “me”.  as someone said to me yesterday “you are already here, you just need to see that”.  I am trying to soak up what that actually means.  i realize that my happiness in life has always been dependent on an outside source or person and i want to change that.  happiness begins and ends with me.  i want to teach this to my kids now so they will have a strong sense of self and happiness as they get older.


one of my biggest challenges is my photography and this blog.  i am at a loss when it comes to taking photos and when it comes to writing a blog post.  i don’t just pick up my camera and shoot, i do so with intent and it is that intent that i’ve seemed to have lost.  same goes with my writing.  when i sit down to make a blog entry i usually have something on my mind that i want to say.  i’m in a rut…i can’t seem to find my intent, my words…my story.  i look at these photos and see that i’ve lost it.  so, i took the photos as a way to break through this barrier i am feeling and i am writing this blog post to do the same.  i can sit back and feel defeated or i can push through it and may just find that something new will come out of this.  who knows what may lie on the other side.