as a mom i find that one of my biggest goals and challenges is helping my kids be comfortable with who they are and to always be comfortable in sharing how they feel no matter how difficult and scary it can be to do so.  this is important to me because i struggle with this, personally.  i am not comfortable in my own skin.  i am not comfortable communicating my feelings.  i believe my feelings are not important or that my feelings show how insecure i am so, instead, i try not to communicate them.  all of this out of fear and being vulnerable.  i fear being vulnerable.  i sit back and wait for others to take charge as if my own feelings and ideas are worthless.  i don’t want this for my kids.

i want my kids to know that sharing feelings is scary but when you share them that is when you become empowered and happy.  don’t hold back like i do.  don’t wait for others to direct you in life, direct yourself.  life is full of many struggles so if i can help my kids overcome this one early then that is one less thing for them to be challenged with as an adult.  i do believe that challenging our vulnerability and shame is our key to happiness.  those that are truly happy don’t let the two hold them back, they tackle it head on!

my son loves to wear dresses, loves to paint his nails and recently applied fake nails to his fingers. there is so much fear in society about boys dressing like girls. i embrace and love the fact that my son loves to explore his imagination and encourage him to do so.  children are not born with fear, we give it to them.  dressing up is a way for children to role play, be creative, explore their imaginations and a way to share their feelings.  i want to encourage this as much as possible with no fear.

today i am battling with my own fear of sharing my feelings with someone and not knowing what the outcome of that will be.  i fear the worst (my comfortable place to go).  so while i am dealing with these fears on the inside i will spend my day praising my kids for sharing theirs.