In class on Thursday we had the privilege to attend the lecture from Amanda Koster of SalaamGarage.  She shared an experience that really touched me especially the quote “I didn’t even know he was my neighbor”.  It was about a young boy who’s family, except for his two, younger,  siblings died of HIV|Aids.  She spent a lot of time with this young boy and was able to tell his story for the NGO.  A neighbor woman heard his story, because of Amanda’s work, and said “I didn’t even know he was my neighbor”.  She happened to be a women of means and was able to help support the 3 young children from that point forward.  He was her neighbor but she knew nothing about him.

This lecture along with the quote that inspired my last weeks project from Nancy Ford Cones (“It is a dead sure thing that if you cannot make pictures in or around the home, it is positively hopeless to go abroad and find them.”) made me think of my home, the community in which I live.  I thought of all the neighbors I have and realized how few I knew anything about.  I used my community Facebook page and asked for volunteers for my assignment this week, there were 2.  I then met with them, and spent time talking to them, getting to know them before I even picked up my camera.  What was interesting is they don’t know each other and they (and me too) live within walking distance of each other and both people have a HUGE musical interest.  G’s home had one wall, floor to ceiling, filled with CD’s and JP had 2 walls dedicated to albums.  I’m glad to know my neighbors.