I found myself in a vulnerable position this week.  I’ve been dealt a life that has me protecting my emotions, my feelings.  I am a sensitive person so often wear my thoughts, feelings and emotions on the cuffs of my sleeves but circumstances in life had me toughen that up a bit so in fact I’ve been cold and withdrawn.  Recently, I came in contact with something that had me chipping away at this barrier.  Not fully breaking it down but enough where I put those emotions, some of them, back out on the cuff of my sleeve.  They didn’t have to be there long before they were stomped on and crushed once again and now this time the barrier is stronger and more protective.  I’m unsure what it would take for me to trust and open myself up again.

Brene Brown talks about the power of vulnerability here and how it leads to happiness.  So, I am going back and listening to this incredibly powerful lecture and hope that I can somehow find my happiness in this.

One Response to “vulnerable”

  1. Karla Lochner Pitts

    Good for you, Melissa, for taking a chance with your heart. After a time of healing, I hope you can take that risk again. BTW, precious, emotive image.


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