Driftwood, for some it is a piece of wood found washed ashore.  For others, it is a sculpture, a piece of art that is often added to a home or garden to be enjoyed.  I photographed the opening of a women’s clothing consignment store in a small Seattle neighborhood, Madrona.  I’ve lived in Seattle for over 15 years and have enjoyed watching Madrona grow from a sleepy neighborhood into one that is quite charming.  I feel the addition of retailers like; Juniper, Glassy Baby, Hitchcock and Driftwood have been instrumental in this neighborhoods growth.

This summer I had the pleasure of assisting the owner of Juniper with the lighting for her store.  Since opening her store, she’s had the same lighting and this summer wanted to add new lighting to reflect her taste, her style and to give a little punch of light to some dark areas in the store.  I have experience with lighting so was happy to help and photographed the new lights here.   So, after having worked with Lisa I was hoping to do more.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Driftwood and was asked by Natalie if I would photograph the opening of her new retail location (across the street from her old space).  I was thrilled.  These are the photos from that night.  (it’s a long one).

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