i was born in the fall and love fall for that reason and many more.  the crisp mornings, the shadows and the incredible lighting of the days are a few of the reasons this is my favorite season.  now that i have kids i look for many opportunities to explore fall with them.  one of my favorites are farm tours.  i didn’t grow up on a farm but my dad did.  i used to spend a few weeks every summer at my grandparents farm and feel so appreciative of that opportunity.  i loved to explore the farm as a child and some of my fondest memories were; taking the cows out to pasture and bringing them back, fishing in the pond and playing make believe on the farm equipment (i pretended the farm equipment were spaceships and the nuts and bolts were the controls).  yesterday we took our kids out to whidbey island for the 2012 whidbey island farm tour . here are the highlights…

3 Responses to “farm tour”

  1. munchow

    This is a lovely little photo essay about a visit to a farm. It brings joy and warmth to the viewer. I love how you were able to capture the highlights in a subtle and non intrusive way. And the kids really seemed to have a good time. My favourite photo is the one with the kids and the goat.

    • Melissa G Miller

      Thank you Otto. I appreciate the comment. The kids with the goat is my favorite too. I find it interesting to hear from you as I just read your new blog post earlier this morning. I found the timing of it profound because I’ve been struggling with my own creativity and found inspiration in your post to get out and shoot. I find that I sit and struggle with my creativity, or lack of, so much that I tend not to get out and do something about it. So, thank you for your post.

      • munchow

        It’s nice when a post can be so timely. Otherwise you are right; it’s not always good to ponder about creativity. Better just do it!

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