I’ve been struggling with my own self worth.  Now, I’ve struggled with this for most of my life but now I want to do something about it.  I’m tired of having my own pity party always thinking I am not worthy of ______ (there are so many words I could use in that blank).  I have a family and realize the importance of challenging this in me so that I can be an example to my family of overcoming those obstacles|challenges, that hold me back.  I realize how often I have thoughts of complaint or negativity, when instead I should {want to} have thoughts of appreciation and joy.  This has become so important to me that it is consuming my thoughts day and night.   To have the life I want requires me to look inside myself to create that life.

Today I had a friend stop by and I shared with her my thoughts and feelings.  She was so inspiring.  She shared with me her own life experiences of similar struggles and what she did to overcome them.  As she said “I had to pull myself up by the bootstraps and take a hard look at myself”.  I know the feeling.  We can point our fingers outward with complaint but if we are seeking to change our lives we need to take that finger and point it inward.

I am embracing this Fall season with open arms.  As the trees shed their leaves I, too,  am shedding mine; my leaves of negativity and complaint.