life has it’s many struggles and the introductions of kids does not make those struggles any easier.  kids can do some remarkable things to you, to your life.  they make you more aware of what is important and who you are as a person.  lately i’ve been meeting many new people, women actually.   school has started, a new school, which means meeting new families, new women.  the “d” word has been a common conversation piece.  it seems that the parents groups i am a part of and the new moms i am meeting all have something in common; divorce.  it seems to be the “in” thing or maybe it is because of my own marital struggles i am more aware of this.  blogging about marital problems you may ask?  well, sometimes when it is difficult to talk about the things at home an outlet is needed.   i am not here to share my dirty laundry nor do i want to stay hidden behind a curtain.  having kids has changed me.  it has changed us.  i just don’t know if the changes in us can live together or if they are best to live a part.  this is not an easy decision and is even more challenging when young kids are involved.  how do you work through difficulties and still be the role models you want to be for your kids?  i’m not sure what the future will be, all i know is although it may be a rocky one, i have confidence that the correct path will reveal itself to us.