my son is teaching me trust, teaching me that it is ok to take a few steps back and let him take charge.  this is very challenging for me.  as much as I want to raise an independent, capable and confident child i still have fears and want to step in to help.  he was very clear with me this past week when he expressed many times to me “leave me alone”.

he is almost 5 and entered a pre-k program.  he is meeting new kids, experiencing new things and confronting his own challenges, fears and awkward moments.  it is these challenges, fears and awkward moments that i want to interfere with.  i want to help so he isn’t hurt.  i want him to be sociable, confident and fun when in reality he might be a little clumsy, insecure and afraid and that is ok.  i’ve expressed to him how important it is to face our fears because the courage to overcome them is amazing and yet when I watch him face his own i want to step in and protect.  if i truly believe that facing our fears is where confidence, courage and happiness stems from,  then i have to let him face his and by doing so i face mine.