i am filled with emotion regarding my decision to possibly accept a position that will have me working again, although part time.  the emotion i feel comes from many directions; “can I work and still be there for my children?”, “do i have the will to do both jobs?”, “i haven’t done my best so maybe i should try harder before going back to work”, etc…etc…

i also think of time in a more positive way that my going back to work will make me appreciate even more the time I get to spend with my kids AND because it is only part time i will still have many hours of quality time with them.

i believe in life that timing is no accident.  the things that come our way are doors and we choose whether to go through the door or to shut it.  this job opportunity might be the door i need to go through.  i have dreams, i have goals and if i am willing to open up and be more aware of my life and what it brings i might just see the synchronicity of life.