…a Facebook status.  That’s what you are thinking right?  You sit down and sign on to your computer and think of that “I’m going to impress everyone” comment.  That thing that when you type it everyone will want to be you, have your life.  Now that is real life. (cough).  When I was struggling with Postpartum Depression my FB status’s were not all peaches and cream.  I often hoped that I could find someone that could relate to my experience or I just needed to release the ugliness that was in my head.  If you’ve experienced PPMD you know what I mean if you have not this would be difficult to understand.  Well, my releasing via FB returned very ugly remarks instead of help.  I was encouraged to post happy comments and to “chuck it up”.  Well, that was helpful.  not!

Sooooo….what did I do?  Well, I was already doing the things I needed to do to help me though my depression and anxiety; seeing my doctor, taking supplements, crying (and lots of it) etc.  The other incredible thing I did was pick up my camera.  My camera was my expression.  I was feeling robbed of what should have been a happy life with my children so I’d capture the happy moments.  My only problem with that was it didn’t feel real to me.  It was kind of like the happy FB status.  The picture looks wonderful and happy but it was the “what you don’t see” that still had me down.  I wanted to rid myself of this depression and anxiety and I wanted to help others that had it too so, because of a class I was taking, I started a photo project on the subject of Postpartum Mood Disorder.  In fact, I was just interviewed by an incredible lady who is writing about my story.  I am not going to post my project here, just yet, but will do so in the future.

If you struggle with Postpartum Mood Disorder (anxiety, depression, psychosis) you are not alone.  There are wonderful resources out there that can direct you to the help you need.  A great organization to start with is Postpartum Support International.  If they don’t have a chapter in your area I believe they can assist in direction you to a someone that can help.

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  1. Real Life Is…. An Interview With Mom, Postpartum Depression Survivor, and Photographer Melissa Miller — Giving Birth with Confidence

    […] Melissa Miller is a photographer, student, wife and mother of two living in Seattle, WA.  Photography came about as a way to explore her creative voice.  She’s done work for Open Arms Perinatal Services, PALS Doulas and Thrive by Five’s “Love.Talk.Play.” campaign.  She is currently enrolled at Photographic Center NW where she is taking classes and continuing her personal project, “PPMD“ on the subject of postpartum mood disorders. Filed Under Featured Story, Perinatal Depression, Postpartum, Postpartum Mood Disorder Tagged With postpartum depression, postpartum disorders, PPD, PPMD […]


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