beautiful scarf by le.sens and wall art by marigold + mint

south of the heart of the madrona neighborhood you will find a charming clothing and accessory store, juniper. the owner of the store, lisa, has created a store that isn’t full of simply beautiful pieces but a collection of well thought out designers and their items that are timeless, developed with a sense of care and genuine integrity (as quoted from her “about” section).  i’ve known lisa for many years when she worked at another retail store.  she was one of my go-to people because of her sense of style and recommendations.  i was disappointed when she left and found myself excited when i heard she opened her own store.  i knew it would become one of my favorite places to shop.

lovely fabric bags by dominique picquier

this summer i stumbled upon an opportunity to help lisa with the lighting design for her store.  she was discussing a lighting makeover when i happened to stop in.  lighting is a career i had pre-children.  i eavesdropped on the conversation and then started talking to her about it and before i knew it i was helping her.  my approach was simple.  i listened to lisa explain the areas in the store that she felt needed a boost in lighting.  she also wanted a sense of her style in the decorative fixtures she selected.  i suggested to her some simple products that would boost the light levels where she wanted and provided her with some guidelines and direction as to the decorative fixtures she was interested in.  she would then select research and select the lighting fixtures she was interested in and send them to me for my comments.  the result is in the photos you see.  i only wish i had taken “before” shots.  the lighting is beautiful and representative of lisa and the look of her store.  simple and elegant.

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