Last weekend we took a much needed adventure.  Things were pretty crazy around the house as my son was entering a stage of trying to be more independent.  I love the fact my kids have always been independent and adventurous but this new stage is more than I bargained for.  So, after a lot of stress around the house we decided it was time to hit the road for some new scenery and fun.  I suggested we could either head east and visit Roslyn (home to the 1990-95 hit Northern Exposure) and Lake Kachess or we could head north to Bow-Edison and Mt. Vernon (Skagit Valley) area.  My husband said north.  Oh what a lovely choice he made.  The moment we pulled off of I-5 onto highway 11 I was in heaven.  I love farm land, it makes me a little homesick.  I grew up in a rural area with many farms around us including the pig farm next door.

Edison is this charming town hidden in the Skagit Valley on a lovely road called Farm to Market.  If you are heading north on Farm to Market you first come to the Farm to Market Bakery.  Quite the yummy spot to stop at for a sweet treat or even a savory one too.  We stopped for what we thought would be a moment but my kids met a young girl there and it turned out to be over an hour of fun for the kids and a relaxing moment sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day for my husband and me.

As we strolled along in this quaint little town, we saw many reasons that would warrant a second trip back and more than likely an overnight trip.  I could see this as being a lovely little get-a-way.  The town is a true artists town with wonderful gallery’s and restaurants that any “foodie” would love to spend time in.  We had our lunch at Slough Food. Love the name and love the slough.  When you walk in you are introduced to a retail store of specialty foods and wine (yum) and as you walk out back (outside) you stumble into a beautiful little courtyard set up for wine tasting and slough side enjoyment.  The kids picked a table at the very back that had this wonderful view of the slough.  J was so happy he even took time to smell the roses (it was a sunflower, actually).

After a long afternoon of wandering and enjoying the town, the people and the beautiful galleries we decided it was time to head home.  BUT, we first had to take a little drive to Sammish Island in hopes of spending a little time frolicking in the water.  It truly was a beautiful day.