Embarking on something new can be adventurous, exciting and down right scary.  The adventure, the excitement seems so cool yet we focus on the scary.  UGH, I hate it when that happens.  Next thing I know I am running away from that adventure in the opposite direction.  Life, it can be so complicated at times. So, I’ve started journaling about this craziness, in the morning, dumping all of those thoughts I have  into my journal. This has been amazing.  The thoughts stay in my journal, tucked away and secured with a heavy rubber band (don’t want those things to escape)  instead of my carrying them with me throughout the day.  Doing this I’ve started to overcome the fear that typically holds me back and have become more aware of my environment and the support that comes in just as I need it.  The support is like open doors that lead me down a path in the direction my heart desires.  Sometimes the support is difficult to see and if I were not for my journaling, I may never have recognized it.  I read a blog post this morning; Building a Creative Fire.  I’ve built a fire before and this would not immediately come to mind as an analogy to building my creative force but when I read it I could really relate to what was said in my own life.  What struck me most is what I read in the first paragraph “On the other hand a good fire – and a good creative process – does not need obsessive attention, just a bit of awareness every so often.”  One less thing for me to obsess over.  Thank you!