This weekend I scouted the location of the wedding I am photographing on Saturday, my first.  I gave up a career I had for 20 years to take on a new challenge in my life.  With this new challenge I wanted a creative outlet.  I chose photography.  I dabbled in it at first, I took a few on line classes and I took an awesome classWD-40® FOR THE CREATIVE SOUL: HOW TO GET UNSTUCK.  This was a bit of a turning point for me.  I didn’t think of it as my getting “unstuck” it just started me down the road of thinking in a different way and taking pictures took on an excitement for me I had not yet experienced.  The journey has been and still is incredible.  I am excited to take the skills I’ve learned and use them along with my own creative expression as I photograph this beautiful wedding.  These are a few photos from my scouting the site.


Reality check: I add this note to some of my posts due to my having suffered with Postpartum Mood Disorder.  When I struggled with PPMD I felt that no one could relate to what I was experiencing and reading the experiences of other moms on the web was horrible.  Their posts and statuses made me feel like I was alone so I felt that it is important for me to share a bit of reality, at times, in my posts.  The journey to my getting to this point where I can photograph a wedding didn’t come easily, it came with struggles, tears, more struggles and tears and a lot of hard work and that is why this one experience is so rewarding to me.