Who knew that when I signed up for an online course I would meet a friend, not someone in passing, a true friend.   We met in the the private FB group for the class and became fast friends.  We corresponded first through FB and now by email and soon, I hope, by mail.  She really inspires me through her life, her love of photography and her heart.  When I write to her I feel as if I’ve known her a life time.  When I see an email come in from her I get so excited.  I feel like a young girl again getting a letter from my pen pal.  I have the desire to run home, into my room and close my door so I can absorb what she has to say  without interruption.  We have recently started sharing photos with each other.  A slice of life that isn’t so much about the technical side of the photo but instead something that comes from our heart.  The photo represents a memory to us, a piece that shares a little story about who we are.  We do this in our emails and I love it.  These photos are an important part of our emails because, you see, we live in different countries and have never met.

4 Responses to “someone special”

  1. mrtaurus

    Wow. I’m a writer and im very inspired by this. In my novel I am writing about a girl who lives for photos from a friend who takes them of the outside world, because she is afraid of leaving her world. But her friend is blind so it is like she is seeing the outside more than her blind friend. I would love to hear more about ‘that feeling’ you mean. 🙂

    • Melissa G Miller

      It sounds like a wonderful novel. I will think about your request and see if I can verbalize my feeling for you and will let you know. I am better at creating photos of my feelings than I am verbalizing but am always up for a challenge. Thank you.


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