I had a wonderful evening last night catching up with a few friends.  It had been so long since I was able to kick back and hang with these ladies and found that time flew by.  I am feeling the effects of my late night today but it was well worth it.  Each of these ladies has something about them that truly inspires me and last night my conversation with Carol was just what I needed.  She is an installation artist with incredible talent.  I was fortunate enough to photograph part of her art installation at the South Park Transfer Station which you can see here.  What you see is the steel grating from the torn down South Park Bridge.  Very cool.  She’s done a few projects around garbage and recycling and a favorite can be found here.  As someone who is struggling entering the art world it is a benefit to have someone like Carol in my life to offer words of encouragement and advice.

So, although I received great advice and encouragement the evening in general was filled with great conversation, laughter and just plain fun.