Ok, so hanging out with my kids is not like the movie Grease but something about being a kid, playing outside in water has me thinking of the song “Summer Lovin” and if you are feeling a little nostalgic you can watch the Grease version on youtube here and if you are like me you will be playing the song now (as I am).  I grew up in Michigan playing on the beaches of South Haven so I am challenged with beach life here in the Pacific NW.  Although there is water around me which I love, I am not a fan of touching it.  I miss Michigan this time of year and ALL of the incredible lake options it has.  Not too long ago, while visiting the Cedar River Water Shed Educational Center we stumbled upon Rattlesnake Lake.  It is a beautiful lake with only kayaks and fishing boats.  The water is spring fed and shallow for quite some distance so it makes for a wonderful place to take kids.  As part of my “adventure” planning for the week I made Rattlesnake the start of our week and it was a hit.

Ok, so reality check. Beautiful day, beautiful water, sun, kids having fun…aahh, the good life right?  Well, reality is my kids are young.  So, while the pictures are pretty and it was definitely a beautiful day and loads of fun, the kids had a melt down, they wouldn’t listen, I wanted to leave and they ran in the opposite direction so they didn’t have to leave..blah..blah..blah.  I share this because I read the highlights of so many peoples lives minus the reality check.  This is reality but (!!!) it was worth it.