Ok, schools out and now I am back to having both kids home.  My older child is entering that “bored” phase and no longer easy to please with simple routine or off to the park fun.  Things need to be a little bigger and a lot longer.   Uh oh, what is an unstructured, lack of planning girl like me going to do.  I’ve decided to make each day some kind of “adventure”.  Now, for those that know me know this is not easy for me and I am going to give it my best shot.  Over the next few weeks my posts will be a little about our weekly or daily adventures.  Fortunately, our first week was Zoo Camp week so I only had a couple “adventures” to plan and my husband planned one of them.  On top of that I got some girlie time with my friends…we enjoyed happy hour on a boat on Lake Washington.  What a great way to start the summer.  Other fun activities included South Parks neighborhood festival with a Lucha Libre wrestling match (my son l-o-v-e-d) and an incredible hike to the Ice Caves.  While the midwest and east were sweltering in 100 degree weather we hiked up to the snow and had a snow ball fight.