On a walk with a neighbor Saturday evening, we stumbled upon a festival tucked away between two buildings.  This area is basically an abandon lot but on this evening it was transformed into an area of vendors, the smell of wonderful food and the sounds of the marimba played by a group of talented musicians. I was unsure what was going on so I asked.  It turns out it was a festival to celebrate the people, history, heritage, culture & customs of the Gullah people of southeastern USA.  I have to admit, I was not familiar with this and had to do some research.  I read about the people of Gullah here.  What I read has me interested in learning more.  I appreciate the Life Enrichment Bookstore  for bringing an awareness of this culture of people to our community.  The festival was small what it brought to our community is huge.  We live in the zip code 98118 which the US Census calls the most diverse zip code in America.  You can read more here.  A festival such as this is a wonderful addition to learning more about the diversity of the wonderful community in which we live.