mrs. snow is the neighbor i grew up with.  she had a huge yard that sat between her home and ours that we did the upkeep on and therefore had permission from her and her husband to play on.  she wouldn’t sell us the property because she wanted to be sure it would not get developed.  it was our place to play “pie” in the snow, ride snowmobiles and when summer came we road our mini bikes and my dad used it to set up a target for target practice.  mrs. snow always had a craft project for us (i think she used to be a teacher but, honestly, i cannot remember) and let us play with her beautiful china dolls.  her kids were grown when my brother and i were young so i am so amazed at how youthful she still looks.  mrs. snow moved away when i was in middle school or early high school, i have not seen her since.  my mom runs into her from time to time and sent me this photo she had take with mrs. snow, recently, so that i could see her.  i have fond memories of this wonderful woman and hope I can see her when i am home for a visit.