I was hired by PALS to photograph medical providers that support the work they, doulas, do.  Rebecca Sheperd was my guide, today, taking me to (3) offices; Swedish Ballard, 1st Hill and a midwifery clinic in Columbia City.  I was pleasantly surprised at how welcomed we were in every location.  I know how busy medical professionals can be and yet when we walked in they warmly greeted Rebecca and were excited to participate, giving her their undivided attention.  It was wonderful.  This is the work I want to do and yet find it challenging.  The workspaces in these environments are chaotic so finding areas that I found appealing while working within a limited time frame had its challenges.  I am excited at the number of midwifery practices we have in Seattle and also the number of doctors that, too, are very supportive. My favorite shoot of the day was my last at Seattle Home Maternity Service.  These amazing women supported me during the pregnancy of my (2) children and their birth center is where both my children were born.  It was an interesting experience to be back in their office as a photographer instead of a patient.  I still felt at home.

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  1. PALS, it’s a wrap | melissa G miller photography

    […] This summer I’ve been photographing for PALS Doulas.  They are in the process of upgrading their website to with photos showing the work they do and examples of medical providers they work with.  My final part of the assignment these past two days was photographing a doula and medical provider working together with a laboring woman and a doula having a pre-natal visit with her client.   More of my PALS work can be found here and here. […]


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