I am taking an e-course on how to create time capsules.  I was inspired by the beautiful moments created by photographer Xanthe Berkley so I signed up for her Time Capsule e-course.  Wow, what a challenge this is.  I, once again, had to reflect on who I am creating my work for.  I find these classes are venues for me to dig a little deeper into my soul, my karma, and find that I struggle with trying to create something for someone else and seeking approval for that work instead of making my work for me.  Once I make this realization and let it go, I find that my own art, my own work comes through.  My first attempt at creating a slideshow in her class is not great but it is by far better than what I started with.  I finally let go of being “perfect” and enjoyed the learning; that is why I am taking this class, right?  Below are some photo’s from the video and here you can find the video.